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If you’re tired of leaky roofs and want something more sturdy and secure, then a fibreglass covering might be what you’re looking for!

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An expertly installed fiberglass roof should be leak free for life, and here at AF Roofing, we pride ourselves on the high quality of our fiberglass materials and our expert craftsmanship. With over 10 years of experience of fitting, maintaining and fixing fiberglass roofs, it’s no surprise that we’re Stirling’s leading roofing company.

If you have a fibreglass roof which has not been installed (or installed well enough) then contact AF Roofing today, to experience our winning combination of great rates and expert work. We’ve helped people like you from across Central Scotland, from Stirling Stirling.

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GRP Flat Roofing

What is GRP Flat Roofing?

What Does GRP Stand For?

It stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic. It is essentially made from polyester that has sliced mat glass fibres, this forms what is known as GRP laminate. This material is very light whch makes it great to work with and it is very strong too which really helps against the elements a roof may experience.  This material ws used on boats first, the guy who first came up with this material went by the name of Russel Games, this was way back in 1938 fast forward to today and it’s possibly a builders / roofers ost used material.  One of the great benefits of GRP is that it’s so strong, it can be molded to any shape which is ideal for the many different roofing types a roofer may encounter on the job.

Can I Walk on a Fibreglass GRP Roof?

Yes. If you specify the roof is to be walked upon we use a heavier grade fibreglass and finish with a non-slip top coat.

Does a GRP Fibreglass roof need to be regularly maintained?

No, your GRP roof is maintenance free, however dust and dirt can easily be washed off if you want to keep it looking as good as new. Soapy water is sufficient.

Is GRP Fibreglass Roofing Expensive?

There are many factors to be considered in calculating the cost of installing your fibreglass flat roof.  Bottom line is that it will work out much cheaper than any conventional flat roofing material over its very long lifespan.

Can a GRP Fibreglass Roof be insulated

No, your GRP roof is maintenance free, however dust and dirt can easily be washed off if you want to keep it looking as good as new. Soapy water is sufficient.

If my Fibreglass roof is damaged, can it be repaired?

Fibreglass flat roofing is easy to repair, if needed. We have a full fibreglass roofing repair service.

Do you provide fibreglass roofing as a service to Stirling?

Absolutely! AF Roofing have been operating in Stirling for over 10 years and we have always installed GRP Fibreglass roofs for our customers who request it.

GRP Fibreglass Roofing Company Near Stirling

Are Fibreglass Roofs Any Good?

Fibreglass (one of our newer roofing systems) is found mostly on flat roofs.  The reason fibreglass is so great is it is stronger and more durable than felt. Fibreglass is  not likely to leak and pretty easy for a roofing company to repair.

Our customers benefit grately because of the high performance of fibreglass and the fact it is a roofing system that lasts over 25 years!  Due to it being easy to repair and it having no seams, it helps roofing professionals quickly ascertain where the issue may be located and once they have done that it’s easy to repair!

The main point about why Fibreglass is any good is that is comes pre-cut which allows for super quick instalation and no wastage!

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“Would recommend this Company, the roof was replaced quickly and professionally. The lads were efficient, polite and very good at what they do.

lynda mcneill, Stirling

The Fibreglass Roofing Company

Should You choose a Fibreglass Roof? Does it last long?

How Long Do Fiberglass Roofs Last?

When layering a fibreglass roof the professionals usually lay between one or two layers. Whilst the majority of Fibreglass roofs last 20 to 25 years, we find that when the roof is well maintained it can last a lot longer. Fibreglass is great to protect against damage meaning the frquency of repairs are a lot less however this does come with an increased price tag as it’s one of the more expensive material options vailable. Another fantastic advantage of having a fireglass roof is how good it protects against the elements. We recommend you find the budget for a fibreglass roof as it is well worth the money and looks fantastic.


Why Choose Fibreglass for your roof in Stirling?

Some of the first fibreglass roofs completed over 30 years ago show no signs of deterioration. GRP is resistant to UV radiation and becomes lighter over time, it also has fire resistant properties. GRP is designed to be capable of any building movement through expansion and/or contraction.

Produced on site using polyester resin, glass fibre and rollers. It’s a very powerful product. This product is revolutionary and will change the course of roofing materials used to seal and protect roofs across the UK, call us today for a free, no obligation quotation at your home or business.


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