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We are the premier Timber Roofing company in Perth. Contact us today if you require your timber roof repaired or replaced.

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Timber Roofing Frame Repair in Perth

Timber roofing frames are built on a structure of tough beams, and timber roofing enablesany pressure to be absorbed through the house’s walls and into the foundations, ensuring that the roof is entirely secure.

A good timber frame needs to be built to withstand the weight of a roof being laid on top of it. AF Roofing know the science and skills necessary to make a timber roof frame perfectly strong and safe. We use the finest materials to make sure that it’s every bit as tough and attractive as timber should be.

If you require timber roof frames for a new built or renovation work in Central Scotland, then contact AF Roofing to ensure that you receive top quality materials and craftsmanship, for a roof that endures for decades. No job is too big or small for our accommodating team.


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Why choose AF Roofing for your Timber Roofing

If you already have timber roof frames within your building(s) which have suffered water damage or simply the effects of erosion, we can repair and replace all your existing timber frames. At AF Roofing, our ethos is that it’s best to fix a concern before it becomes a major problem. So, if you notice damp or rotting wood in the frame, or damage caused by insects, it could affect the roof’s overall stability.

To secure your home and offer peace of mind, get in touch today with us, for skilled, thorough and precise roofing solutions..

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AF Roofing are the premier roofing company in Perth. Our family run Roofing company has served Perth for over 10 years

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