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Roughcast in Perth

If you own a home or commercial property in Perth you may be thinking about applying roughcast.  It is undoubtedly the most popular external render used in Scotland and is both affordable and cost-effective.

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What is Roughcast?

As the name suggests it is a rough aggregate mixture which can include cement, lime, gravel, sand, and shells.  There are different mixtures with a variety of materials being used and different tints can be applied.  The mixture is ‘thrown’ against the surface before being worked into place and is extremely durable.

Is Roughcast The Same as Pebbledash?

No, it isn’t quite the same as pebbledash. Both techniques are external renders and use more or less the same materials but they differ because roughcast includes stones in its mix. With pebbledash however, the aggregate is added after the render has been applied to the wall. Roughcast is also slightly softer than pebbledash.

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What Are The Benefits of Applying Roughcast To Your Property in Perth

Although an external render can be used as a decorative feature the application of roughcast, though it looks attractive, has a much more practical purpose.

It provides a tough weather resistant covering which provides great protection against the worst of the Scottish weather.  It is waterproof, very resilient and hardwearing.  It will last for over 20 years, doesn’t require any maintenance and won’t fade over time.

Roughcast also adds a layer of insulation to a building making it much more energy efficient by preventing the escape of heat saving the householder or business owner money on energy bills.

Whether you are building an extension and need to match the existing roughcast on the house, have purchased a building which doesn’t have roughcast or need an existing surface repaired, we have a team of expert craftsmen who can help.

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AF Roofing Perth, Roughcast Experts

Applying roughcast is a fairly fast process but it isn’t easy.  Which is why you need the expert team at AF Roofing.

The material needs to be applied evenly and smoothly.  The finish needs to be consistent or it won’t provide an effective barrier against the weather.   This is where the skill of the craftsmen comes in.

With many years of experience applying roughcast to private and commercial properties in Perth and central Scotland the AF Roofing team will not only ensure the material is applied correctly but that it looks great as well.

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