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Roof tiles are a popular choice with our customers in Edinburgh. Our materials are made locally and available in materials such as terracotta or slate.

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Roof Tiles Edinburgh

Available in a diverse range of styles and materials, having roof tiles is the most popular type of roofing, due to its diversity as well as its versatile and hardwearing qualities. Its durability also means tiled roofing is an ideal choice for our environmentally conscious customers.

Tiled roofing materials available include slate, clay, concrete and terracotta. This means that whatever finish and look you want – from magnificent Mediterranean style to cosy looks – the best roofers can work with a variety of quality materials perfect for you. There are also a range of tile styles; from S-shaped pantiles to flat tiles or interlocking roman tiles.

There are also important structural benefits to tiled roofing. It’s designed to withstand even the toughest weather conditions. Even if after years, tiles lift or come loose after bad weather, it’s possible to get a quick resolution to your issues. Provided you’re a AF Roofing customer, of course.

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What Are The Different Roof Tiles Types

We often work with roof tiles types as they allow for a nice range of colours and different styles, plus they are easy to work with and replace for even the most basic level of roofer.  Scotland has a great range of roofing tile companies who can cater for small or large budgets.

Choosing a type of roofing tile can be difficult for the property owner but we have placed a little description of each roofing tile below to help:

Plain Tiles

Plain tiles are a popular choice… well… they are plain! They are a great choice for your average roof coming in a variety of colours. They can take a bit more time to install than tiles that interlock however as with most things good things come to those who wait! The end result looks very pleasing.

Interlocking Tiles

For those with a low budget, interlocking tiles are for you! They are cheap and pretty easy to install so we save time. Interlocking tiles are BIG in comparison to other tiles so it means we need to buy less to cover your roof.  Clay interlocking roof tiInterlocking tiles do not always work well on complex roof designs as they can be difficult to cut. Concrete interlocking tiles tend to be fairly chunky and may look cheap, whilst the higher quality thinner clay interlocking tiles can be pricey.


Before interlocking tiles became fashionable, pantiles (tiles with an ‘S’ shaped profile) were popular, especially in the east of England.  Pantiles work well on almost any type of roof adding a quality and perspective not found with plain or interlocking tiles. Many colours and profiles are available manufactured from either concrete or clay.

Concrete tiles

Concrete tiles offer a cost advantage but may not be as durable or colourfast as clay tiles. Cheaper concrete tiles also tend to have the colour ‘painted’ on one side of the tile which is more likely to wear off in time.

Clay Tiles

Traditional “Spanish” style clay tiles are the most well-known tiles, but there are many other designs available today.  Clay tiles tend to last slightly longer than concrete tiles (40-50 years).  Whilst clay tiles are slightly more expensive than concrete, they are warmer in colour and are much less likely to fade as the tiles age,

Handmade Roof Tiles

A handmade tile is one that is completely made by hand. Desirable especially in period properties or where you are looking for a unique appearance and a warmer, deeper colour or shade.

Handformed tiles

These types of tile are a middle ground choice that offer some of the unqiue character of a handmade tile but at a cheaper price.

Machine Made Tiles

These types of tile offer the home owner a very standard and consistent roof cover. Translating into a cheaper price, the downside is that one roof may look like any another.

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Roof Tiles Repair Edinburgh

AF Roofing offer a fantastic range of Roof Tiles Repair to our customers in and around the Edinburgh area. When it comes to the repairing of roof tiles, AF Roofing ensure our customers receive a professional service. As the premier roof tiles repairer in Edinburgh you can count on AF Roofing to get the job done! Some of the most common types of tiled roof repairs we offer in Edinburgh are:

  • Cracked/Broken Tile Replacement
  • Leaking Roofs
  • Valleys Blocked or Leaking
  • Roof Verge Repair
  • Broke or Slipped Ridge Tiles
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Really impressed with prompt service and efficient repair made to my property. Would highly recommend this company.

Caroline Ward, Edinburgh

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